We all have enough plates to spin without having to decide what to eat every day, on the day.

Creating a weekly menu ahead of time is the best way to take the pressure off, remove the stress of last-minute kitchen chaos and turn mealtime into me time.

Our planners help you by serving up a helping of fresh inspiration every week. You can easily keep track of your favourite foods, and keep an eye on the contents of your cupboards and freezer too.

You can also use the price comparison checker as you plan, so you know where to find the best deals on your favourite ingredients.

It’s a great way to cut food waste, chop up your food bills, and slice through the time it takes to pick and prep your breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Enjoy!


  • The Planner is wire bound, A5 in size and includes:
    • protective plastic covers to the front and back
    • front and back covers are printed on thick card
    • inside pages are printed on thick paper
    • 2 meal idea pages
    • 52 weekly meal planning pages
    • 52 shopping list pages
    • 8 cupboard inventory pages
    • 8 freezer inventory pages
    • 12 monthly food expense tracker pages
    • 6 price comparison tracker pages
    • 7 notes pages

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