If you are trying to gain weight, then this diary will help you stay on track by planning your weekly meals and writing down everything that you eat daily.


  • The food diary is wire bound, A5 in size and includes:
    • protective plastic covers to the front and back
    • front and back covers are printed on thick card
    • inside pages are printed on thick paper
    • a title page with a visual to colour in
    • weight gain progress page
    • weight tracker chart
    • progress photo page
    • body measurements page
    • portion size tracker
    • 4 weekly planner page
    • goals page
    • weekly header page
    • weekly meal planner
    • weekly double sided tear off shopping list
    • meals and recipes list
    • 7 food diary pages per week
    • a review page at the end of each week.

    This diary will track for 12 weeks.

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